Vanilla’s skilled vendor reduction team has the benefit of exceptional analytical skills, negotiation and interpersonal skills, underpinned as you would expect by a very financially strong Dunn & Bradstreet-rated company.

Vanilla can assist you in implementing opportunities with a dedicated account management team, offering best practice, then working to implement achievable time-frames and financial targets.

We appointed Vanilla as our Vendor Reduction partner to our 13 factories across Europe in 2012. We had over 2,000 lines across 13 factories supplied by 227 Vendors, now successfully reduced to just 1 Vendor. Consolidation of stock at Vanilla has enabled us to reduce duplicate ordering across factories, improve our standard costs due to consolidation, reduce lead time to 1 day and improve our back-office costs.

Industrial global OEM, market leader.

Vanilla’s evaluation process, to achieve a first-class traceable supply chain, will naturally reduce the number of vendors, whether decided by value or number of lines. The ongoing benefits include:

  • Quality Audit Evaluation: Of all suppliers reduced, many would not have been reviewed for some time. All parts are quality assessed at goods-in
  • Cost Savings: Achievable due to our buying power and ability to present quality alternative products
  • Reduced Administration Costs: With fewer buying actions, sees a reduction in administration, error and potentially headcount
  • Reduced Goods Inwards & Handling Costs: Carriage, environmental green miles, reusable ESD packaging and time
  • Reduced POs & Invoice Costs: Consolidated invoicing and purchasing with all the benefits that it gives
  • Improved Availability: Ensuring zero line-downs, including first class spike forecasting and stocking

As the Vendor Reduction process achieves proven benefits through the project timeframe, the next stages of mechanical kits or sub-assembly are approached as we move up the material food chain. More detail of these services can be viewed within the website.

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