Vanilla monitors high-risk components from NPI through to legacy, proactively identifying changes in a products lifecycle or important changes in its manufacturing process.

Vanilla provides you with an in-depth look into electronic component lifecycle information, alternative products and environmental compliance data, therefore avoiding any out-of-stock or costly last time buy situations.

From the NPI stage, Vanilla with work with you to make sure that your component selection choices meet the lifetime criteria of your product. We can quickly find form-fit-function cross-references to avoid redesigns and provide multi-sourcing options that proactively help with design decisions. Decisions based upon customers best interests, not that served by franchised distribution line cards. We help you plan proactively with product change notification alerts, years to end of life forecasts and part risk analysis.

We can also produce important product information including export control and environmental compliance data.

We can automate all the time-consuming data collection tasks, enabling you to focus on productive activities such as growing your business.

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