If there’s one thing in life for certain; it’s obsolescence – but imagine the ability to accurately predict the life-cycle of almost every component within your product. That’s exactly what we can do with our life-cycle analysis tools. With data fed through from all major component manufacturers, as well as advanced algorithms, our system can predict the years to end of life of millions of components, or your entire BOM instantaneously. It can then continuously monitor life-cycle status so that you’re never in the position of missing the last time buy date.

We can also set up alerts on all your material parts, which emails you with any change of lifecycle. We can include any part change notifications too.

Our technical team of in-house electronics engineers can then make recommendations for alternative longer-life parts and we even have the capability of re-designing and validating new parts for you. 

With an understanding of your products lifecycle, Vanilla can make an up-front analysis for the best material to avoid obsolescence, before it becomes a problem. 

We can transact your last time buys, often finding cost savings for larger volumes. We can also store the LTB parts in the correct ESD safe, dry storage conditions.

If you have miscalculated a previous last time buy, or even missed the opportunity, then we also offer a part sourcing service. We will search the world using the latest part search tools and industry knowledge, testing obsolete components and delivering them to you on time.

Engaging Vanilla as early as possible in your NPI phase means we can provide critical material selection feedback and guarantee a smooth launch to market.

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