Whether you are an R&D start-up, or an established OEM, outsourcing your manufacturing is one of the most critical decision you will make. Our partnership approach means that it’s a decision you don’t need to make alone. Vanilla has a unique supply chain model that offers an entirely scalable solution, from proof of concept through to mass production.

Our outsourcing model means we can match an audited facility based upon volume and complexity, with the comfort that your product is verified and tested within our in-house clean room processing facility. We can multi-source manufacturing sites for extra capacity, without diluting your material spend. Completely de-risking failure in the supply chain, all data and best practise is kept within Vanilla to make re-sourcing instant.

You may choose to only outsource a small proportion of your manufacturing activities, in order to focus your production team on the area you add most value, increasing efficiencies. This is why we can separate our services to suit you, even if that’s just the box build of your test equipment, or low volume complex systems instruments. Whatever the volume or complexity, we have a professional solution.

  • From product conception, design and rapid prototyping
  • Design for manufacture (DFM), design for test (DFT), product engineering, accessing volume and complexity
  • Our in-house engineering team can be deployed to customer sites, making project migration easier for you
  • Volume manufacturing, box build, test and final packaging, ready to send to end customer sites
  • UK and offshore manufacturing options
  • Stock management, logistics and direct order fulfilment to end customer
  • Continuous improvement in product development & reduced manufacturing costs
  • Lifecycle analysis, obsolescence avoidance, environmental compliance data, on-going BOM management services

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