Outsourcing your material kitting will reduce your inventory, consolidate your supplier base and streamline your production floor.

Vanilla can deliver a production-ready kit across a very broad range of products, from electronic components, assembled printed circuit boards, cable assemblies, metal work, fasteners, packaging and more.

We also have the ability to combine our kitting service with our other vendor-managed services, such as VMI and consignment stocks.

  • Electronic components, electro-mechanical and even full product kitting service, delivered directly to your factory floor or that of your contract manufacturers.
  • Robotic warehousing, automated material counters & re-packaging service including AOI for 100% accuracy.
  • Automated component storage and handling through two 9.6m automated Lean Lifts, holding 35k components.
  • Ability to upscale service to include manufactured sub-assemblies.
  • One single invoice.
  • Consolidated Deliveries, vendors and SKUs.
  • Reduced time to production.
  • Reduced inventory.
  • Reduced costs.

Vanilla will entirely customise each individual customer’s requirement, from packaging & labelling, to levels of attrition, even individually binning components to customer specifications. We have experience of kitting both small production projects for mass volume production, through to 1k+ line bills of materials for high-reliability applications.

Further streamlining your supply chain, our customised kitting service can also include built sub-assemblies, electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, plastics, metal-work and even labels & packaging for the final built product.

We have invested heavily in training and equipment. All material is picked and packed in our purpose-built fully functional EPA area using state-of-the-art ESD protection.

The moment your BOM is uploaded into our system, it automatically logs required data such as Moisture Sensitivity Levels of all appropriate components. All relevant storage and handling information is adhered to and replicated onto any repackaged parts. Our semi-automated reeling machines have optical inspection, checking for component orientation and our systems matrix checks for required component wastage.

Vanilla delivered a consolidated weekly shipment of individually packed, complete production Kits. Everything from components, metalwork, PCB Assemblies and packaging are delivered straight into our stores. We now have a direct line feed on low-value c-class items straight onto our production line. We have reduced our vendor base from over 30 vendors to just one. Each Kit is hand-delivered, with reusable ESD packaging, reducing dust and static in our production area.

Our Aftersales team will periodically check for material Lifecycle, whilst providing any EOL notifications as they become available. Our system can instantly report Conflict Minerals data and other important Environmental data such as RoHS / REACH.

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