Vanilla provide customised solutions for each individual customer, in order to maximise total asset recovery on your excess inventory.


We arrange for the shipment of your excess to our Norfolk based ISO 9001:2000 modern distribution facility.

Stock is inspected by our experienced & knowledgeable warehouse team and the following is recorded. This assists in closing orders quickly on your stock as all the information is available immediately.

  • Full manufacturers part numbers including packaging suffixes, etc.
  • Manufacturer
  • Condition of parts
  • Date codes and batch codes
  • Pack sizes
  • Pack types (reel, tube, tray, etc.)
  • Any other related info
  • Partial packs are re-packed

Parts are then recorded on our system and searches are performed for previous sales. The sales department is then responsible for contacting any previous customers. The parts are advertised globally to potential 3000+ customers

We record and report on a monthly basis all sales of your product. An order is sent every time a product is sold and you can request all sales information and full stock reports at any time

This secures a high return on your inventory and investment

Line-by-Line Purchasing

  • Vanilla bids on a line-by-line basis
  • All items are accessed on an individual basis
  • Often a low, although immediate return

Lot Purchasing

  • Moves a large volume of product quickly at one time
  • Return is often low, although stock is sold and dealt with within a short time-span

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