A versatile, quality product, that will ensure a long-life, environmentally friendly, secure packaging solution for professional businesses.

Below is a brief selection of our adaptable and entirely customisable range of ESD packaging. Please call a member of our technical sales team for more information.

ESD Euro Containers

Available with or without a hinged lid, our most successful range of ESD reusable packaging is made made from a high quality conductive plastic, specially designed for transporting sensitive electronic devices. They reliably prevent electrostatic charge and divert already existing charges. Easy and quick access with the optional hinged lid. Used both internally and externally.
Special volume resistivity/surface resistivity: 104 < 1010 Ohm cm

ESD Foldable Containers

Ideal for end customer deliveries where packaging needs to be returned after product is delivered, our range of collapsible ESD boxes is a very slick solution. Robust yet light, and at the same time very stable, stackable and can be quickly and simple opened up and folded down. Dividers are available separately.