Working closely with our customers from the early stages, our technical manufacturing team can offer invaluable DFM advice. We will link your requirements to our global network of PCB manufacturers, matching capabilities and delivery requirements. From standard PCBs up to 40+ layers, Flex and Flex-Rigids manufactured within 48 hours.

Standard PCBs

  • Multilayer up to 40+ layers
  • Wide range of laminate options including high reliability / temperature, low loss and lead-free laminates
  • Mixed dielectric (hybrid) constructions
  • RF and microwave circuits
  • Aluminium-based, heavy copper and thermal management solutions
  • Embedded components

Flex & Flex-Rigid

Becoming far more affordable for low & high volume applications, Flex-Rigid circuit technology eliminates wires, cables or connectors, replacing them with flexible substrate between rigid sections, improving reliability, consistency and cost in assembly.

  • Single-sided flexible
  • Double-sided flexible
  • Multilayer flexible material
  • Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (Flex-Rigid)

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