The industries most advanced automation combined with lean manufacturing principles. Vanilla is able to provide a competitive PCB assembly service whilst maintaining quality and consistency in build, with a level of Flexibility only available from a privately-owned business.


From the most basic to the world’s most advanced products, Vanilla is able to match a manufacturing solution to suit your products, volume and complexity.


Our global manufacturing base all offer a unique technical and regional advantage, making scalability to even massive volume easy and cost effective. Our multiple-site manufacturing model means we can dual-source, even triple-source, manufacturing services worldwide, whilst maintaining final build and test within our High-tech Logistics facility close to Cambridge.

Consistency and reliability

With significant investments and a highly skilled IPC trained workforce in quality testing and failure analysis, Vanilla has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality and reliability. Every product we manufacture adheres to the strictest industry standards and adopts principles developed from experience within high reliability sectors like medical, aerospace and automotive. Utilising the latest in ESD Smart Logs and advanced security and restricted access control, we provide a secure, Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area within all of our kitting and manufacturing facilities to help protect our customers’ products and intellectual property.

Available equipment includes:

Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20 SMT Placer
The fastest mounter in its class at 90,000 components per hour, capable of placing a wide range of components from ultra-small 03015 (0.3mmx0.15mm) chip-size devices to large components, with the utmost efficiency. With pickup orientation and tilt status detection also built in, as well as nozzle self-diagnosis, the YSM20 ensures consistently high mounting quality and reliability.

Yamaha YS12 & YS12F SMT Placers

Yamaha YSi-X 3D X-ray inspection machine
3D X-ray hybrid-type inspection system capable of complete in-line inspection of all facets of printed circuit boards high-speed X-ray laminography imaging technology and multiple inspection functions utilizing optics and lasers. Identifies defects such as insufficient solder joint, un-melted, openings, bridging, XY shifting, θ rotation, insufficient ball size, missing ball, and voids in ball. It also achieves the highest level of 3D inspection speed in the industry at 3.3 sec./FOV (under optimum conditions defined by Yamaha) due to new Yamaha-exclusive X-ray laminography imaging technology.

Yamaha YSP high-accuracy multi-function screen printer

EBSO Selective Soldering Machine

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