Electronic components

Over 20k component stock lines, data for over 300+ million parts from over 700 manufacturers. Vanilla can offer a concise proposal based upon your product requirements, product lifecycle, availability and cost. Having greater flexibility and freedom than franchised distributors, Vanilla can base our offer purely around customer requirements, not our own Line Card restrictions.

We also offer further Value-add services include component re-packaging, reeling, de-reeling,  pre-screening / binning, testing, Baking & vacuum packing (full MSL data available from our system), pre-programming & marking, customised labelling – a full list of services can be found under the “Value Add” section of our website under ‘services’.


Discrete to highly complex, from diodes to microcontrollers.

Passive & Electromechanical:

  • Capacitor – Down to 01005 package. Ceramic, Electrolytic, Tantalum, Film, SMT and Leaded Through-hole technology.
  • Resistor – Chip, Leaded THT, Melf, Potentiometer, Trimmer, Power, Wirewound, Chassis mount, MD Resistor Array, Thermistor NTC, Thermistor PTC, Thinfilm Precision Resistor, Varistor.
  • Inductors, Ferrites, Transformers.
  • Timing devices & Piezo Ceramics – Quartz, Oscillators, RTC, Resonators, Acoustics, Filters
  • Relays, switches, fuses


  • Full range of   Industrial memory products.
  • SD Cards, MicroSD Cards, CompactFlash Cards, CFast 2.0 Cards.
  • USB Flash Drives – USB 3.0, USB 2.0.
  • Solid State Drives
  • Industrial SD/CF/MMC – SLC, MLC.
  • DRAM Modules

LED Lighting

  • Full range of SMD and Leaded Through-hole technology LED’s.
  • High brightness LED’s.
  • High Temperature LED’s.
  • SMD Display’s
  • Customised pre-binned LED’s.
  • IR Photo-Transistor & Coupler.

Cable & Wire

  • CAT5, CAT6 RJ45 custom Ethernet patch cables- Any length, competitive pricing on volume enquiries. Custom angled RJ45 moulded plugs.
  • Marine Cables to international standards
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Custom Composite Cable Design
  • Halogen free, robust cables for harsh marine environments
  • Manufacture available to industry specific standards
  • Cut to length service available