Vanilla was approached by a high-volume automotive manufacturer who wanted our support to help manage their onsite inventory. Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is the process of which the vendor (Vanilla) is responsible for optimising and replenishing the inventory held by the manufacturer. It has many benefits that will help our customers to mitigate risk, save money and streamline their efforts.

How we saved them money
VMI is a cost-effective way for companies to manage their inventory. We were able to buy the product they needed in bulk which meant that our customer would be getting the best possible price for their products whilst also reducing the number of deliveries and freight costs.
Another way we were able to save our customer money, was by reducing their inventory costs. As the customer wanted to keep the stock on their site, we would only bill them for what they were using, which would be reported at the end of each month.

How we saved them time
Whilst working with our customer, we would ensure that we have regular stock reviews. This allowed us to get an accurate report of how many products they were using and how frequently. Having access to this information every month meant that we were able to forecast when we needed to buy and deliver more stock to their site so that they could keep operating at their current pace without disruption.
This foresight and planning meant that we were able to proactively mitigate lead time issues that are getting progressively worse and ensure they also had inventory around them to continue working without having to wait for a new delivery.

How we helped them plan for the future
As lead times are becoming progressively longer, we must plan ahead for our customers and ensure that they are ordering more stock ahead to limit the risk of delays to their customers. Our system monitors the stock levels of our customers and notifies us when stock is running low. These alerts ensure our customers don’t run out of stock and allow us time to order more without being caught out by lead times or low stock.

We want to ensure that all our customers are forward planning their inventory so that their production line isn’t affected by stockouts, lead times or a key component reaching the end of its life cycle. At Vanilla, we use automated BOM management tools that will allow us to do a thorough check of components to ensure they have a long lifeline left, or if this isn’t the case, it will show us alternatives that can be used instead of the existing part.

Why choose Vanilla?
Our ability to successfully manage VMI means that you can focus on your core competencies and continue to grow your business, without distraction.

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