How Vanilla can help with test and measurement

We have a great deal of experience in supporting customers in test and measurement, working closely with smaller niche instrument and low volume scientific equipment manufacturers, as well as multinational conglomerates.

Common challenges in test and measurement

  • Demand for quality and reliability.
  • Specialist, niche, manufacturing techniques for sensitive components.
  • Product assembly process is often very varied in required operator skill set, making it difficult to manage all stages efficiently.
  • Large number of parts with high M.O.Q.’s
  • Large number of vendors.
  • Harsh environments of end products.

How Vanilla can help


  • Consolidation of tail end spend, reducing vendors and managed parts.
  • Assistance in material and component selection during NPI
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) specification
  • Design for manufacture.


  • Supplying in kit format straight to production floor, reducing SKU’s and vendors.
  • Ability to up-scale component parts to kits or built sub-assemblies.
  • Very high capability PCB assembly and cable assembly services.

Packaging and kitting services

  • Customer specific packaging and Kit presentation for streamlining production floor.
  • VMI services, including consignment stock.


  • Outsource lower-skilled elements of a build, enabling more focus on higher skilled areas.
  • Outsource the entire electronics and electro-mechanical build – often for smaller businesses who can focus on new product development, sales and marketing.
  • Outsource material tail end spend management, reducing vendor base.
  • Outsource the complete final build of certain products, enabling more focus on core products.
  • Outsource test development, enabling more focus on main product development.

Vendor management inventory (VMI) services

  • Especially C-class items
  • Using our own transport services

Why choose Vanilla?

This sector fits well with our expertise in other quality-driven sectors. By selecting us, we can help you with supply chain strategy, product design or outsourcing materials.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated sales team to discuss how we could help your business [email protected]