How Vanilla can help the printing industry

We are a trusted partner to leading international manufacturing businesses within the printing industry. Supporting SME’s to large, multi-national corporations, we are able to offer supply chain consolidation, kitting & manufacturing services. Also; guidance and prowess in early development phases – adding value within the hugely diverse sector.

Common challenges facing businesses in the printing industry

  • Long, labour intensive build times
  • Balancing staff for spikes in demand
  • Difficulty in developing manufacturability in innovative products
  • Limited purchasing resources
  • Struggling to manage contract and manufacturing partners.

How Vanilla can help


  • Manufacturing and specification of flex-rigid technologies
  • Valuable design input for both layout and production
  • Can help with electronic and electro-mechanical product supply and assembly
  • From complex flex-rigid printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies to traditional, robust waterproof connectors


  • Simple material procurement
  • Buffer stock of materials
  • Kitting, streamlining customers production
  • Outsourced sub-assemblies
  • Benefits include: reduced inventory, build time and reduced overtime in production

Why choose Vanilla?

By outsourcing procurement or production, we can help you focus your business on utilising its workforce more effectively, leading to improved profitability and cashflow.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated sales team to discuss how we could help your business [email protected]