How Vanilla can help global corporate businesses

We have a deep commercial understanding of corporate requirements, with many of our team coming from a corporate background. With process-driven operations mirroring that of our larger corporate customers, whilst retaining the flexibility expected from a smaller business. Being privately owned, we can make stocking and investment decisions quickly and effectively – having a high budget for investment in capital equipment, as well as stock and logistics automation. This translates to improved quality and service level performance for our customers.

Common challenges in the corporate industry

  • Large historic vendor base
  • Long tail end spend of unaudited, under-performing vendors
  • Heavily targeted on PPV and ambitious stock turns
  • Often landlocked, restricting output and expansion

How Vanilla can help

Tail-end spend management

  • Ability to effectively consolidate a large number of vendors, reducing customer workload and improving service levels
  • Hold and maintain large buffer stocks of material, reducing risk of line stop
  • Often reduced direct material costs with more focus on tail end spend
  • Opportunity to re-audit tail end vendors as part of exercise
  • Improved efficiency in procurement, finance and production
  • Reduced inventory, faster time to production

Team dedicated to larger customers

  • Team with experience in the process-driven corporate world – strategic thinkers who offer tactical solutions that achieve results
  • Focus on procurement, production and engineering
  • Adding value technically and commercially

VMI solutions

  • Consignment stock system available
  • Complete VMI of products to the customer using Vanilla delivery service, maintaining customer Kanbans
  • Ability to upscale to kits, sub-assembly or complete builds

Continuous supply chain strategy

  • Continuous development and improvement of the offer
  • Improved management of obsolescence
  • Ability to reduce the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) by migrating into kits or sub-assemblies


  • Vanilla engineering team operate independently to sales
  • A team to bring procurement and engineering closer than ever before
  • Exceeding R&D expectations, looking for continuous improvement at a technical level
  • DFM advice at NPI stage

Vanilla have been a supplier since 2008, starting from the supply of just a single memory card. Since then, Vanilla have grown into one of our largest suppliers by volume of products.

Why choose Vanilla?

Our key customer delivery and quality performance is consistently above 98%. By working with us, you’ll be joining forces with an experienced team dedicated to finding the right solutions for you.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated sales team to discuss how we could help your business [email protected]