How Vanilla can help the automotive industry

We assist automotive manufacturers at varying stages of a product’s lifecycle – from new product induction (NPI) to full production and legacy project management – working with Tier 1 suppliers to smaller development businesses.

Common challenges in the automotive industry

  • New products pushing new technological boundaries – especially in terms of batteries, electronics and thermal management
  • Long lifecycle support.
robotic arms in a car plant

How Vanilla can help


  • Taking experience from other sectors, we can advise on design and materials for lifecycle purposes.
  • Decades of experience within automotive manufacturers from camera technology, to engine management, from smaller R&D companies to larger global manufacturers.

Technical assistance

  • Component selection at NPI phase, with consideration of both technical, lifecycle and environmental compliance.
  • Access to the latest products and manufacturing techniques.
  • Advanced PCB assembly capabilities, very high output SMT placement.
  • DFM (design for manufacture) and DFT (design for test) assistance.


  • Electronic component kitting for customer with their own SMT line.
  • Full product kitting, including built sub-assemblies, metalwork, c-class items.
  • Sub-assemblies, including PCB and cable assembly.
  • Experience with Flex-rigid technologies.


  • Legacy project management – material supply, kitting and full product build, enbaling more focus on main products.
  • Obsolescence avoidance through focussed BOM management.
  • Tactical supply chain solutions, reducing customer inventory, improving production processes.
  • Line-down avoidance solutions.

Why choose Vanilla?

By outsourcing distractions, we can help you better utilise your workforce and improve cash flow.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated sales team to discuss how we could help your business [email protected]