Vanilla’s end-to-end fulfillment service continues after the shipment of built product. From spares stock management, to liaising directly with your end customers, managing returns, rework and re-shipment of repaired or replacement product.

Having the skill and knowledge to build your product, makes us the perfect choice to repair your products. Vanilla can manage the spares and repair for the entire lifecycle of your product, reducing cost and making your supply chain as profitable as possible.vanilla-kitting-placeholder-1

By identifying faults, we’ll help you eliminate future failures—in materials, products or manufacturing processes— our critical feedback provides insight that fuels continuous improvement of existing and next-generation products.

  • Full spares inventory management, including obsolescence and Last Time Buy requirements, reducing your inventory.
  • Trust in Vanilla’s skilled team of technicians, fault-finding and rework to IPC 7711/21.
  • Knowledge of your products.
  • Warranty repair, Software upgrades, Manufacturer recalls.
  • Fault Diagnosis and feedback of design and manufacturing improvements of existing and next-generations products.
  • Product re-fullfillment directly to end customer.





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