When time is of the essence, Vanilla’s Rapid Prototype service is unrivaled, both in terms of speed and engineering prowess. Fully populated PCB’s, 3D  plastic and metal printing within 24 hours, and complete built product in days.

Of course speed isn’t everything; Using our systems and expertise, we will deliver a product which has been engineered and optimised with your production, test, environmental and lifecycle requirements in mind. From Productionisation, to full line-by-line Life-cycle information. We will check, update and compare each material for cost-saving & stocked alternative suggestions.

For a sample Prototype pack, please call or email a member of our Technical sales team.

We offer a vast network of resources, from concept through to commercialisation. Located in East Anglia’s High-tech Innovation Corridor, Vanilla assists many new start-up businesses making their idea a reality. Providing design, prototype, manufacture and full Logistics including direct order fulfillment capabilities.

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